Becoming Mia; Finding Reality In The Fiction I Write

Becoming Mia Image with Woman

It’s funny how a fictional character, nothing more than a well-formed collection of words, can become so real in our minds. I’ve felt it before, in many of the wonderful books I have read. Sometimes the feeling is spurred on by an instant connection to the essence of that character, some shared persona. Other times, we see in them the qualities we wish that we could have.

When I first started writing about Mia, the main character, I wanted to feel that same way. I felt more like a story-teller, though. Over the last several months, Mia has evolved into something more than that. I’ve begun to think of her as a real person. No, don’t worry, I’m not losing touch with reality. Real, as in the way I have begun to look at things through her eyes.

Before, I was writing her as I felt her interactions should be. I had her personality, likes and dislikes all mapped out, but I was writing through Whovina-tinted lenses. Now, knowing her as I finally do, I’m no longer making the story up for her. I’m watching it unfold in my mind. Feeling her pain. Laughing and crying with her. She has a voice now. Her story must be told.

Do you have any favorite book characters that you feel this way about? If so, who is the character? What is it about that character that has you so enthralled? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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