The Calm Before The Avalanche, One Little Thing Can Change It All

Person holding umbrella in the snow.

It’s funny, the way a small change can make such a huge difference in the things we do. Take, for instance, last week’s post. It was the absolute most boring piece I have ever written. I still cringe as I think about it.

The crazy thing about it is that it all came about from only one tiny factor. The tiniest, least significant change. That minuscule speck of ice that, set free to roll lazily down a steep blanket of frozen mountainside, growing into a full fledged avalanche. In this case, an avalanche of dull, dry rambling thoughts. I hadn’t been feeling well Thursday and when my body begged to be held by the warmth of a soft blanket, I surrendered to it. What’s it going to hurt, going to bed early? If I blog in the morning, it’s only a few hours later than I’ve been doing. No big difference, Right? So that’s what I did. One small speck begins to roll…

One thing most people don’t know about me is that I’m a night writer. That’s when I feel inspired. Maybe it’s just because everyone else is in bed asleep, and the house is finally quiet. Maybe (knowing me, this is probably more likely it) I’ve just suppressed so much sarcasm throughout the course of the day that is has bubbled up to the point of overflowing. Spewing out silly musings of my odd personality all over the place. Whatever the case, this is my time to shine. When Whovina comes out to play. So when I stepped outside of that tried and true routine, leaving my playful alter ego caged away… paralyzed by the lack of caffeinated fuel, I should have known that nothing good could result from it.

So, what lesson have I learned from all of this? Well, I now know that I am a very boring person in the morning. Down right dry. I guess maybe my kids were right after all! For the sake of you who read my posts, I’ll try harder not to write before a full pot of coffee has been consumed… then we’ll really have some fun. Who knows, I may get zesty enough to add a ‘Shits and Giggles’ tab at some point, and top it off with a few of my favorite silly musings! I guess you’ll just have to check back and see. Until then…

How about you? Any little changes you’ve tried lately that worked their way into an avalanche? Good? Bad? I’d love to hear about some that lead to your success!

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