Putting It All On The Line… How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

Ocean with swimmer

You know that feeling you get when you really want to do something, but you’re afraid to put yourself out there, and be embarrassed? Sometimes, we want it so bad that we have to just take a deep breath and jump in. Hoping not to drown in a sea of humiliation. It isn’t really going to kill us. It probably won’t even end up embarrassing us, once everything is said and done. But, somehow, our fears still manage to hold us back.

I spent a lot of years dipping my toe in the water of uncertainty, only to pull it back out and hide away. I wanted to write. Loved to write. I daydreamed about writing a book. Instead of taking the leap, I tiptoed away, afraid that I wouldn’t be good enough. I allowed myself small accomplishments, watching some of my poems and short stories go into publication here and there. That was thrilling, but the adventure I craved just wasn’t there. What I wanted was also what I’d denied myself. I wanted to swim. To dive head first into that big, beautiful new world of writing.

Today, I am taking that breath. My final draft is complete. By Monday, it will be distributed to the beta readers. In a week, I’ll finally start to find out what other people think of my book. Until now, I have huddled at the shoreline, unseen, alone. Soon, all eyes will see what I have created. I’m swimming further out, past the reef and its protection. Exposed. Vulnerable. I just need to hold my breath a little bit longer. I’ve put it all on the line, and cannot look back.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do? Something you’ve denied yourself out of the fear of failure? Maybe today is the day you’ll take that deep breath and put it all on the line too. You can do it!

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