Get The Party Started, We’re Going Live!

Anticipation is getting the best of me… I hide in a corner, breathing into my paper bag. Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? Inching out of my my chair, I lean forward. My trembling hand hovers over the keyboard for a moment. Do it. Press the button. A sudden chill shoots through me; I’m unable to move. What if I’ve missed something? What if…? Click. I stare in silence. Brilliant glowing green illuminates the screen… the manuscript is live. I still can’t believe it. I’m an author!

Now that I can breath again, I’ve turned my attention to celebrating. Ringing in the birth of my new little bundle of joy with all the excitement I can no longer contain. Monday marks the day. Monday, all who’ve waited for Incalculable will have their copies. Monday, I will once again begin biting nails. The three days leading up to my new, unwanted manicure will have to be spectacular!

I’ve called in reinforcements to help me celebrate in style. The bash begins Saturday, with guest appearances from Authors Harley Gordon, Helene Gadot, Angela Hausman, Tamara Mataya and Kirsten Moore! Games, prizes, loads of fun for all, and the party keeps going- straight through the weekend and on through release day! I can’t think of anything better for easing my frazzled nerves.

Isn’t social media amazing? How awesome is it to be able to throw a party with guests from EVERYWHERE, all at the same time? Technology is great.

So, the party is on. Saturday is coming soon and everyone is invited! Come one, come all! The fun takes place on Facebook, so there’s no worry about getting lost. You can join us here…

2 thoughts on “Get The Party Started, We’re Going Live!

  1. Beautiful piece of writing. I like your style👌💐

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